‘Minecraft’ creator gives employees $3 million

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Indie gaming icon Minecraft developer Markus "Notch" Persson will receive the Special Award at the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards on March 16th.

His staff surely believe he deserves it: In celebration of 5 million sales of Minecraft, Persson distributed $3 million of his 2011 Mojang dividends among his 25 employees.

That's about $120,000 a person, quite the year-end bonus.

"Before tax, my dividends from Mojang for 2011 was about three million dollars. I chose to distribute that to the other employees," Persson tweeted.

"Every single Mojangsta is a massive part of the reason Mojang is the best place on earth to work at right now," the Stockholm-based developer continued.

Mojang staff tweeted their reactions to the overwhelming generosity:

Lydia Winters, Mojang's director of fun — best job title ever — revealed she was "incredibly stunned."

Daniel Kaplan, business developer, admitted to crying "tears in shock and happiness."

Carl Manneh, Mojang "boss," just echoed what everyone else was thinking: Thanks to Persson, Mojang is "the best company in the world."