Minnesota cop wins over teens with biking skills

Minnesota cop wins over teens with biking skills

Scott Booecker, a Minnesota police officer, knows the secret to connecting with neighbourhood kids: sticking a 360.

Booecker, 45, jumped on a kid's bike and showed off some impressive skills.

"I started [BMX racing] when I was seven," Booecker told CBS Minnesota.

"[I wanted to] Show the kids we are not just police officers, we’re BMX-era skate boarders, different things," he said of using his bike skills to reach kids.

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Watch him wow the cool kids below.

Booecker, who regularly heads over to the skate park on his lunch break, is now a viral sensation. His trick even ended up on ESPN2.

"I'm not only impressed, I’m actually pretty proud," Booecker's boss, Chief Paul Hoppe said.

"It's not [another] traditional pass out the fliers, go to the community block parties [strategy of outreach]. It’s really about an officer getting out of his squad car, engaging the community."

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"I've had to deal with a lot of cops recently and they have all been good people that are there to help you. Videos like this make me happy," wrote user kim-jong_illest on Reddit.

"This is at my local skate plaza in Wyoming, MN. The person who filmed it is my neighbour. The place just opened at the beginning of the summer and this cop is frequently there, always hanging out with the kids and hopping on bikes. It's pretty cool to see! He hands out baseball cards to the really young kids," wrote redditor Friskiestnut.

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