‘Are you my mother?’ Duckling waddles after cat

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News
A baby duck thinks this cat is its mother and follows her everywhere she goes! How cute is that?

Here's a little cuteness for your weekend.

A video of a duckling waddling after a cat has gone viral more than four years after it was first posted on YouTube.

In the adorable footage, the bird can't seem to get enough of her feline friend's warm belly.

YouTube uploader ddddducks shared more of the story in the comments:

"I bought the duckling because my male Pekin lost his mate to ovarian cancer. So this is a female Pekin. She grew up and became the mate."

ddddducks added that the ducks are still "getting along fine together."

The animals' owner then clarified that while the cat might look annoyed by the eager duckling, the pair get along quite well:

"She loooves (sic) the duckling. She just wanted some space as all mothers do."

And, no, the duckling did not become dinner:

"No, I would never eat duck. No the cat does not eat duck. No, they are not best friends because the baby duck was adopted to a loving home. Moon Ami the cat enjoyed mothering and playing with the duckling but with all mothers, there is a time when you want to be alone and rest. This was one of those times. Thanks for the giggle," ddddducks wrote in response to a question about whether the duckling grew up to become someone's entrée.