Nebraska man bets 20 cents at the slots, wins $1,006

Jacob Goertzen, 22, arrived at Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, from Lincoln, Nebraska, for his friend's 21st birthday. He gave himself a strict gambling budget: $120.

When he was down to his last $3, the frugal gambler bet the lowest amount possible at the slots: 20 cents.

"I bet 20 cents because it was the lowest bet and I had $3 left. I just hit random buttons and at first I was looking at the screen like, ‘Did I just win this?'" he told HuffPost.

He won $1,006.

"I was flipping out! it was flashing on the screen and saying call an attendant...but I didn't want to leave the machine so I yelled at my friend to find one, I then realized there was a button I could press," he wrote on Reddit.

He posted a photo of himself holding his winnings on imgur.

Goertzen stayed true to his financially responsible ways and held onto his newfound wealth — after winning $350 more.

"No did not lose it at the buffet, and after that I made 350 more's currently sitting in my savings account for a rainy day," Goertzen wrote.