Nine-year-old ‘Mini Monet’ sells out latest collection in 15 minutes

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
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Kieron Williamson, 9, is set to become a millionaire. The English art sensation, nicknamed "Mini Monet," sold out his most recent collection of 24 paintings for a staggering £250,000 ($393,200 CAD), including two landscapes that sold for £34,950 ($55,000 CAD) a piece.

This follows last November's sale in which he sold a dozen landscape paintings for £106,260 ($167,100 CAD). The exhibition before that saw 33 of his paintings sell for £150,000 ($236,000 CAD).

"He is unrivaled. There isn't any other child out there who can paint as well in three different media — watercolour, oil and pastel. His grasp of the technical elements really is a wonderful thing," gallery owner Adrian Hall said last November.

His sales have now crossed the £1 million mark ($1,573,000 CAD), the Daily Mail reports. Kieron's parents, Keith and Michelle, have been investing his wealth on his behalf. Kieron will gain access to his fortune when he turns 18.

Among those investments is his £150,000 ($236,000 CAD) family home, a converted 19th century bank, in Ludham, England.

Kieron's parents wrote about their son's remarkable talent and rise to fame in "Kieron Williamson Coming to Light: The Remarkable Story of a Child's Gift to Painting."

The book's release will be accompanied by a retrospective exhibition of the young artist's work.

Kieron started painting in 2008 at the age of 5.

"His paintings are continuing to progress and improve — but he is still a normal boy," Michelle told the Daily Mail.

"The critics are now accepting that his art has moved on from that of a naive child and he is now being compared to his adult peers," she said.

Still, she insists, her son is still very much a normal kid.

"He is not quite as prolific as he used to be because he is busy with his homework and is in the school football team. He makes sure that he has time for all the other things he enjoys," Michelle said.

"He no longer gets up at 6am and knocks out a painting before school. He would rather watch TV and play about — but he still loves painting and does two or three a week."

Last fall, Kieron's father, Keith, emphasized that he and his wife would supportive of whatever their son chooses to do in the future and are careful to ensure Keiron has the time and opportunity to pursue other interests, too.