One-legged dancer wows Russian talent judges

Evgeny Smirnov
Evgeny Smirnov

Russian breakdancing champion Yevgeny Smirnov is as decorated as they come in the art form. He’s won over 30 cups and medals in his career. You would think a man as talented as Smirnov would see his world come crashing down after having his leg amputated following a motorcycle accident three years ago.

Yet here he is appearing on Russia’s version of So You Think You Can Dance last month inspiring the world, performing a flawless routine with only one leg, with his partner:


Smirnov reportedly lost his leg well after his motorcycle accident because gangrene had spread throughout the limb.

Fortunately for Smirnov, his attitude proved to be the x-factor and he obviously decided that giving up dancing wasn’t an option. The grace and strength he exhibited in his appearance on the talent show served as an incredible example of the same qualities that obviously lie within his character.

Add to that the fact the young man grew up an orphan and it’s obvious that from the outset of his life he was born to beat the odds and do something special with his life. I don’t speak Russian, but you don’t need to understand what the judges are saying in the video to know that Smirnov moved them to tears and secured his spot in the next round.

Dancing is one of those art forms meant to be expressed with passion and focus. While the breakdancing style is meant to be free flowing and edgy, Smirnov’s contemporary performance  told an inspiring story without the need for words or the swagger provided by a full-fledged, hard-hitting hip hop routine (although he did naturally put some moves in their for added flair). Yevgeny’s swagger was all his own. What an amazing man!