Ottawa hockey fans use McDonald’s promotion to feed the homeless

Thanks to a McDonald's NHL promotion, when the Ottawa Senators' Daniel Alfredsson scored in the last minute of the third period last Sunday, tickets to the game were all worth a free Big Mac the following day.

Redditor engjosh88 and his friends decided to make the most of the promotion — by helping those in need.

"My friends and I gathered all the tickets we could find (from friends, family and strangers) and gave out burgers to the homeless. 24 in total," he wrote.

He posted a photo on imgur of four homeless adults enjoying their Big Macs.

"Thanks to Alfie for that amazing goal, and everyone who gave us their ticket," he added.

Senators and Penguins fans alike praised the hockey fans for their kind gesture.

"As a Penguins fan this takes away the sting a little bit," wrote redditor ImTheBawsss.

"I'm sure that someone has said this already, but that's really awesome of you guys. Just a simple act of kindness goes a long ways for people in need. I just wanted to say thanks for helping out your community, I hope this inspires others to do the same," wrote bewk.

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