Paralyzed graffiti artist paints with his eyes

Nadine Bells
Good News

L.A.-based artist Tony "TEMPT ONE" Quan is a legend in the graffiti world.

In 2003, he was diagnosed with ALS.

When the disease paralyzed "virtually every muscle in his body" except his eyes, amazing new technology enabled Quan to continue doing what he loves.

Bedridden Quan now creates art with the movement of his eyes, thanks to the EyeWriter, one of TIME's "best inventions of 2010."

"After trying the EyeWriter — the first time he'd drawn anything since he was fully paralyzed — Quan said 'It feels like taking a breath after being held underwater for five minutes,'" TIME's Kayla Webley wrote.

Watch the inspiring trailer for "Getting Up," the upcoming documentary that chronicles Quan's incredible return to his art.

The film recently won an audience award at the Slamdance Festival.