Pizza shop offers to deliver prescriptions to the elderly during cold snap

Spotlight on antipsychotic medication

A pizza shop in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, isn't just delivering pizzas this winter.

Because of the record-low temperatures that have made it unsafe for some to leave their homes, Fox's Pizza Den is offering to deliver prescriptions and other much-needed supplies to the elderly and people with medical conditions.

"As a person you just do it, you don't expect anything for it ... if you need it call and we'll get it to you," owner Tom Wynkoop told WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh.

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Wynkoop posted the following on Twitter and Facebook:

"This goes out to our valued customers. If you have any medical history that involves respiratory issues, PLEASE, PLEASE do not attempt to leave the house. Due to the extreme weather conditions, please call my cell phone and I will do everything in my power to have things brought to you (medications, food, etc.). No food ordering required."

"I know it’s hard for elderly people to get out and we live in an elderly community, and we’re small. You have to be there for your residents," Wynkoop told WPXI.

"The snow wasn't the issue. It was -12 F with a wind chill factor of -30," he told Yahoo News. "As you get older, your lungs are not as healthy as they used to be."

As of Wednesday, Wynkoop had already made about a dozen deliveries.

"It's been a success for us," he said.

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Wynkoop's kind gesture inspired others to give back, too.

"First let me thank each and everyone who has passed our message along. for once I am at a loss for words," he wrote the day after the news of his prescription deliveries first made headlines.

"Recently we have received some donations at the pizza shop from some very and I mean very kind people. Our Family (employees) have agreed to donate the money to the local Meals on Wheels in our community. These people go above and beyond for the Senior Citizens. Thank you everyone for the kind words."

Fox's Pizza Den is matching every charitable donation that comes into the store, "dollar for dollar."

"We're going to match the donations and give it to [Meals on Wheels]," Wynkoop told Yahoo News. "We just did it to be part of our community. Help somebody that needs help. Don’t be afraid."

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