Poodle saves blind owner from gas leak

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Pooh the poodle saved her blind owner from a gas leak in her Talladega, Alabama home.

Nancy Jones was folding laundry when she started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Her seeing-eye dog, Pooh, was soon at her side, her leash in her mouth.

"The next thing I know Pooh was nudging me to put on her leash, she went and got herself," Jones said. "Brought it to me, made me put it on her and literally drug me out the front door."

Jones added that she was amazed that Pooh was able to reach her leash as it was hanging on the wall at a height of about 6 feet.

Once outside, Jones realized there was a gas leak inside, ABC 33/40 reports.

"The house could have blew up. She saved my life," Jones told WBMA.

Jones got Pooh from Ohio-based non-profit Pilot Dog, Inc. almost three years ago. Pilot Dog, Inc. provides highly-trained guide dogs to blind individuals at no cost to the recipients.

"I wouldn't dream of walking to town and hadn't for years until I got her," Jones told WBMA. "You don't realize how important these dogs are to visually impaired or the deaf or people who have seizures."