Potato the dog wows with math skills

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Warning: If you've been struggling to teach your dog to roll over, this story might frustrate you.

Potato, a 2-year-old Samoyed from the Jiangsu province of China, has become a national celebrity thanks to his impressive math skills.

His owner, Lu Zesheng, poses a question. Potato then barks the answer.

For example, when Lu asks Potato to add 3.44 and 3.56, the dog barks seven times: the correct answer.

The dog can also apparently read the figures shown him and memorize numbers like people's ages — and even the cameraman's phone number in the video below.

NTDTV reports that Potato hasn't been trained to count, making the dog smarter than everyone who's ever had to go to math class or write down a phone number.

Whether it's a gift or a trick, Potato is certainly one smart canine.

Watch Potato at work below: