The Prodigy of Color: Four-year-old Aelita Andre opens NY solo art exhibit

Nadine Bells
Good News

Aelita Andre is four years old.

Like many preschoolers, she loves to paint, flinging bright colours across blank canvases with gusto.

Unlike most preschoolers, she's often compared to Picasso, Dali and Pollack — by art critics, not just adoring parents.

Next month, Aelita's first solo art exhibition in New York, aptly titled "The Prodigy of Color," will open at Agora Gallery.

Watch Aelita at work:

The tiny Russian abstract artist is an art-world celebrity who has been featured in the press and on primetime TV.

She's not just "good for her age," she's actually good.

Raised by artist parents, Aelita was creating colourful masterpieces when she was just one year old. Her mother identified something special in the toddler's work and showed it to an art exhibition's curator without telling him the age of the artist. He was so impressed with the painting that he wanted to meet the artist.

The fact that the artist couldn't tie her own shoes didn't deter him; the curator still loved the art. Aelita's paintings were included in that very exhibition and since then have travelled the world. Her first solo exhibition opened shortly after her 2nd birthday.

Art critics praise the "Pee-Wee Picasso" for her use of the surrealist techniques automatism and accidentalism. Aelita's original works sell for thousands.