The Running of the Goats: Dwarf goats create a stampede of adorableness

Thomas Bink
Good News
The Running of the Goats at Cumberland Farms in Maine.

To be clear, The Running of the Bulls is an annual event in Pamplona, Spain, in which brave runners sprint and jostle to stay ahead of the sharp, often deadly horns of 2,000-pound bulls charging through tight walkways.

The Running of the Goats, on the other hand, takes place every night at the Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine, in which farmers frolic with the joyful baying of 44 baby Nigerian Dwarf goats.

And the practice couldn't be more adorable.

According to Sunflower's Hope Hall, "After a day of grazing with the herd, our 44 Goat Babies go for a little adventure while their maaaaaas take a break and enjoy some grain in the barn."

But just like these frisky little goats, this is a fast-moving story. After the original video racked up over 1.3 million views on YouTube, Hall has posted a follow-up.

"We got our elite runners together for a retake, a small gift for everyone who commented on the vertical nature of the first video," she posted.

Nigerian Dwarf goats, originally from Africa, grow much smaller than most goat breeds – only up to two feet tall and less than 80 pounds. However, they can grow up to produce up to two litres of milk a day.

And clearly, they're much safer to be around than Pamplona's bulls.