‘Secret Santa’ replaces teen’s stolen PlayStation 3

Thanks to a kind stranger, a teen who was beaten and robbed has something to be thankful for this holiday season.

Jesse Carrillo, 14, was home sick from school on December 4.

When the Indianapolis teen heard banging at the front door, he didn't answer it.

Moments later, two men broke down the back door.

Carrillo tried to hide, but the robbers spotted him.

"(One) socked me one right in the face. The other guy behind him pulled up a gun on me," Carrillo told FOX 59.

"(He) said, 'Don't move or I'm going to bust one in you.' I was thinking, 'Oh God, am I going to die today?'"

The men grabbed Carrillo's PlayStation 3, a stack of games and his cell phone — then bolted.

Scared and without his phone, Carrillo waited four hours until his mother, Angie Carrillo, came home from work.

When FOX 59 shared Carrillo's story, offers to help poured in.

One anonymous viewer even replaced Carrillo's stolen Playstation 3 and games.

"I just felt really good about how much people cared," Carrillo said of the outpouring of support.

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Carrillo said that while he's still "a little paranoid" about safety, he's choosing to focus "just mainly the positive."

Angie Carrillo, who thanked viewers for offering to help her son, hopes that someone can come forward with more information about the robbery. So far, police have no leads.