Six days after tornado, Boy Scout finds cat buried in rubble

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News
Egor the cat (Courtesy Facebook/
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry)

Six days after a deadly tornado devastated the suburbs of Oklahoma City, a Boy Scout earning service hours found a family's 13-year-old cat amid the debris.

Justin Hulme Rangel, 13, of Carrollton, Oklahoma, was helping family friends sort through the rubble in Moore, Oklahoma, when he spotted a litter box wedged beneath a table.

A cat sat in it.

"I thought maybe she was scared and went to her kitty litter box, so I decided to pull it out," the Boy Scout told Dallas News.

He warned the people around him not to look, assuming the cat he was about to pull out of the rubble was dead.

"I figured after six days, he was gone," Justin said. "But he started to move and we dug him out."

The cat, named Egor, was dehydrated but alert. He was taken to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry’s pet triage center before being transported to the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Health Sciences Teaching Hospital for a few days before his release yesterday.

The cat's owners, Geoff and Jo Humann, lost their home in the tornado. They assumed Egor was killed in the twister.

"Our family is complete! We found Egor!" Jo Humann wrote on Facebook, thanking Justin, "our cat hero."