Strangers helping barber rebuild shop damaged in British riots

Nadine Bells
Good News

There aren't a lot of good news stories coming out of the British riots. But amid the senseless destruction, good Samaritans are coming to the aid of victims and helping rebuild communities.

Aaron Biber, 89, had his barbershop destroyed by rioters. On Sunday morning, the widower arrived at his little shop, a landmark in the London neighbourhood of Tottenham for 41 years, to find the windows smashed and everything looted, hairdryers and kettle included.

"Everyone knows me around here — I have been here since the 1970s — but now I will probably have to close because I haven't got insurance and I can't afford the repairs," Biber told The Telegraph.

Interns at BBH, a London advertising agency, decided to help Biber "get back on his feet and restore his faith in the community." They launched, accepting donations from kindhearted strangers.

They shot this video with the barber earlier in the week.

As of Friday morning, donations to Biber and his shop are nearing £30,000 ($48,000). If donations exceed Biber's needs, the surplus will be channeled into community-rebuilding projects.