Teen finally cleans room and finds winning lottery ticket worth $83,000

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Kids, you might want to listen to your mom when she tells you to clean your room. There might be $83,000 in it for you. Or at least there was for one Scottish teen.

Ryan Kitching, 19, didn't want to clean his room. He eventually gave in, however, after his mother, Susan, nagged him for weeks to do so. Sounds familiar?

When the Midlothian, Scotland, teen began sorting through a drawer, he found 12 old lottery tickets he assumed he'd checked earlier. Still, he thought he'd double-check them at the local supermarket. One of those tickets won him £53,000 ($83,000 CAD).

"I am totally speechless—it was the happiest day of my life easily," Kitching said. He works part-time at the fish counter at Tesco, the very supermarket where he purchased his tickets.

Kitching will likely use the money as a deposit on his own place.

"I'll probably put some down on a house and treat my mom and dad to a holiday," he said, although he seemed to be hesitating.

"I still get my tea cooked here." (Oh, teenagers.)

He also plans to donate some of his winnings to First Response, the medical-training charity where he volunteers.

In the meantime, he insists he'll do his chores more cheerfully.

"Next time she nags me to tidy my room I won't need telling twice," he says.

Moral of the story: clean your room.