Thanks to his guide cat, blind dog can go for walks again

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

It's the first inter-species story of 2013. And not unlike the odd couple tales that came before it, it's pretty adorable.

After going blind from cataracts, 8-year-old dog Terfel struggled to get around on his own. He spent most of his time lazing around in his basket in his owner's North Wales, UK home.

Then his owner, Judy Godfrey-Brown, welcomed a stray cat into her home.

The cat, dubbed Pwditat, walked up to the blind dog and led him into the garden. Ever since, the cat has been Terfel's trusty guide, leading him everywhere.

"I’ve never seen anything like it — most cats and dogs hate each other," Godfrey-Brown told the Sun.

"But Pwditat immediately seemed to know that Terfel is blind. She uses her paws to help guide him. They are glued to each other and even sleep together now."

This summer, we saw a cute kitten cuddling with a canine friend.

Cats and dogs might not always get along, but when they do, it's pretty heartwarming.