Toddler’s best friend: Dog patiently waits for tyke to finish splashing in puddle

Patience is a virtue. Watson the dog has plenty of it.

In a heartwarming video gone viral, Watson, a 12-year-old Shar Pei, patiently waits for his toddler owner to finish testing out his rubber boots in a "mesmerizing puddle" while on their country walk.

When the little boy has enough of the splashing, he and Watson continue on their way.

To up the heart-melting factor, the video uses Queen's "You're My Best Friend" to help tell their adorable story.

Patient Dog Waits While Kid PlaysA loyal dog stands by while his best friend jumps in a puddle. How cute is that?

"Watson the dog stands by while the boy does a quick assessment of the puddle situation. Could this be the cutest video ever?" YouTube user Julian Burrett posted.

To answer the rhetorical question, Julian, yes. Yes, it is.

Do your child and pet have a special bond?