Unknown, self-published author makes one-millionth Kindle sale

Nadine Bells
Good News

She's unknown to most. Her books aren't even in stores yet. And yet American author Amanda Hocking has accomplished what only 11 others have done before her: she's sold one million copies of her books on Kindle.

This week, Hocking was added to Amazon's Kindle Million Club. She's the second self-published author to make the list, following Kentucky-based John Locke.

"I'm so grateful to everyone who has bought one of my books and to Amazon, for giving me a place to share my books," said Hocking. "None of this would have been possible without you."

The 27-year-old "paranormal romance" young-adult writer has been called the new Stephenie Meyer, also a recent Kindle Million Club member. Since May 2010, Hocking uploaded onto Kindle 10 sequel-friendly novels, all of them about trolls, zombies and vampires. It's a self-publishing success story rarely told. After over 50 rejections from agents and publishers, Hocking found an audience online.

"Each book takes between two and four weeks to write and she sells them for between 99 cents and $2.99. In the past 18 months, she has grossed approximately $2 million," The Independent reports.

Now that she's reached Kindle sales comparable to Stieg Larsson, James Patterson and Nora Roberts, publishers have come calling. She signed a $2 million deal with St. Martin's Press earlier this year. Switched, book one in the Trylle Trilogy, will hit bookstore shelves in 2012.

The film rights have already been optioned, with Canadian Terri Tatchell (District 9) on board to write the screenplay.