In Utah, thousands celebrate Holi, the Festival of Colours

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
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Last weekend, tens of thousands of people gathered in Spanish Fork, Utah, for the annual Festival of Colours.

The Festival of Colours, also known as Holi, is a Hindu celebration of spring during which participants traditionally throw coloured scented powders and perfumes at each other.

"The colors come from the emergence of spring after the stark bleakness of winter. Everything bursts forth in colours and fragrance and so that's emulated through the festival," Charu Das, the founder of the Lotus Temple, told FOX 13 News.

Devin Graham posted vibrant footage of the "world's biggest colour party" at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple on YouTube.

Watch the "riot of colours" below.

"Holi is supposed to be an exuberant show of goodwill and cheer. The riot of colours follows a revelry of colour play — quite unmatched in its boisterousness — and takes place amidst the sprinkling or the shower of coloured powder. And when this is combined with water it is anything but a damp squib. Everybody is welcome and everybody is pardoned for his or her revelry," explains the site Colours of India.