Vermont boy, 6, found safe after spending night in freezing woods

On Saturday afternoon, Joseph "Jo Jo" McCray, 6, went missing while on a hunting excursion with his family in a wooded area in Sunderland, Vermont.

More than 120 first responders and volunteers joined the search for the young boy, who was found early the next morning more than a mile from where he was last spotted.

"The boy did talk when we found him. He was very cold, his feet were wet, and he had a good amount of clothing on — camouflage overalls, long johns, heavy wool coat and a hat. He was dressed for the elements," Arlington Fire Chief James Paustian told the Times Argus.

Joseph disappeared after he was told to spread out in the woods as part of a family deer drive, WCAX reported. He failed to reunite with his dad and siblings at their rendezvous point. After retracing their steps, the frantic family reported the boy missing.

Joseph was found near the Glastenbury Mountain summit, quite the trek for a youngster of that size, Paustian said:

"The terrain is vertical with a lot of big boulders. He went to the highest location and that's where he was found. He curled up under a pine tree, slept a little bit, got up at daylight, and a few minutes later they had him in sight."

After a medical evaluation at a local hospital, Joseph returned home to his parents, safe and sound.

Vermont Game Warden Sergeant George Scribner advises parents to prepare their kids before spreading out in cases like this one:

"Sit down with the kids, have a plan, make sure they have means of communication whether it's a cell phone or radio," he said.

"If you get turned around, lost, split up from the group -- sit down immediately and we'll come and find you," he added.