McMaster Tim Hortons

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Terri Marshall is McMaster University’s most famous Tim Hortons employee.

For the past eight years, Marshall, a mother of three, has been putting smiles on students’ faces with her friendly greetings and fun dance moves.

“I like to shock them,” Marshall told the Hamilton Spectator. “I like to see that smile on their face. Everyone is beautiful with a smile on their face.”

In 2013, a video of Marshall doing a celebratory dance for Roll Up the Rim winners went viral.

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Recently, several students banded together to crowdfund a surprise for Marshall: a vacation, paid in full.

“Terry is someone who has always been there for Mac students!” the students wrote on gofundme. “As students, we have a lot of uphill battles daily be it a bad mark or just the day not going well for us in general. Regardless of what, Terry will always put a smile on your face if you are buying a coffee or even if you just walking by. She never fails to scream with joy when you give her a winning roll up and always does an awesome dance! From writing small but powerful words on the lid of your cup, she brightens your day that much more. Now, its about time we gave back for all the happiness she has spread and sending her on a vacation for all her hard work and dedication not just to Tim Hortons but to McMaster Students, would be the perfect way to do so everyone!”

In the first three days of their fundraising campaign, the students raised $800. Last week, they presented Marshall with a ceremonial cheque for over $1,400.

Before they gave her the cheque for $1455.26, the students honoured their favourite barista with an impromptu dance party outside the coffee shop.

“Just so you guys know, it’s my husband’s and my 30th anniversary April the 20th and we’re going to go to Myrtle Beach. Thank you,” a moved Marshall told the small crowd of cheering students.

“Thank you so much. I feel the appreciation all the time with you guys…I’m just overwhelmed and I’m so thankful. You make my day.”