Vienna bus driver turns in almost $500,000 found on his bus

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Never leave a vehicle without double-checking that you have your valuables with you.

Last month, a cab driver in Singapore returned almost $1 million in cash left in his vehicle.

A Vienna bus driver is now making headlines for turning in a bag filled with 390,000 euros ($497,300 CAD) left behind by an elderly woman.

The driver, identified by the Vienna transport authority as Wolfgang R., was inspecting his bus at the end of the line when he discovered the bag.

The immediately turned in the euros-stuffed bag to authorities who tracked down the owner using a bank deposit slip found inside the bag. The money belonged to a pensioner who had withdrawn her entire life savings from the bank.

The incident occurred last month. The honest driver has not yet heard from the woman, the Associated Press reports. Transit authorities, however, are praising his integrity.

"We are proud to have such upstanding employees. This shows the spirit of our firm," Eduard Winter, head of Vienna's public transport company Wiener Linien, told the Kronen-Zeitung daily.