World’s oldest runner, Fauja Singh, 101, races for women’s rights

Nadine Kalinauskas
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100-year-old Fauja Singh, the 'Turbaned Tornado', finishes Toronto's waterfront marathon in 8 hours, 11 minutes and 5.9 seconds and sets a world record

Fauja Singh, the world's oldest runner, is set to hang up his racing shoes for good at the end of this month. At "more than 101," the record-breaking marathoner recently ran a "mini marathon" to raise social awareness for the rights and security of women's rights in the wake of the horrific rape of an Indian woman that made headlines worldwide.

"I am pained to listen that my daughters, grand daughters and great grand daughters are no longer safe," he told the Hindu.

Singh, the star of the event, led participants of all ages along the route. Fellow record-breaker Mann Kaur, 96, also attended the event.

According to the Hindu, "In their interaction, Mr. Singh and Mann Kaur said that they had decided to participate in this unique event to express their concern on the recent rise in incidence of crime against women, which brought shame to India in the world comity. Mann Kaur was of the opinion that promotion of sports meant 'developing healthy minds in healthy bodies.'"

The racer, affectionately nicknamed the "Turbaned Tornado," will retire from racing after two final marathons, one in Australia and another in Hong Kong at the end of the month.

"Running is my life and I really would not have stopped competing if I had not crossed the age of 100," he told the Times of India.

That doesn't mean he'll stop running.

"Yes, the Hong Kong Marathon will be the last. But I will keep running daily for at least four hours daily to cover 8-9 miles," he said.