YouTube pranksters continue their ‘Extreme Homeless Man Makeover,’ give homeless man new teeth

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Just a few short months ago, we shared the kindest YouTube prank we'd ever seen.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Andrew Hales, hosts of VitalyzedTV, spotted a homeless man named Martin on the side of a Florida highway and offered him an "extreme makeover."

Watch them buy Martin new clothes and shoes — and a much appreciated steak dinner — here.

But the compassionate pair didn't stop there. In a video entitled "Extreme Homeless Man Makeover Part 2," they go above and beyond and get Martin the oral surgery and dentures he so badly needed.

Watch Martin get a new smile in the video below:

A thrilled Martin thanked his new friends and YouTube viewers for the makeover of a lifetime and encouraged everyone to have hope.

"My life is changing. I got a job now, I'm back with my wife, I got teeth…" he listed.

"The next time you see me, I'm gonna own my own business, get my license, drive a car again, and have all the good things in the world. I love you all."