Eyewitness photos of shootout with Boston bombings suspects hit the Web

Claudine Zap
Claudine Zap
The Lookout

Andrew Kitzenberg lives on the street where the shootout between the Boston bombings suspects and the police took place early Friday morning. As the events unfolded, he tweeted moment-by-moment updates that became must-reads. Now there are photos to go with the feed.

Kitzenberg had also taken photos with his iPhone from the bedroom window on the third floor of his Watertown, Mass., home, where he witnessed the violent scene. The images of his eyewitness account, which are going viral, are blurry, scary and surreal.

Kitzenberg, who runs the website OnHand, also recently posted a blog detailing the events of the night:

When I looked outside my window, I could clearly see two people (the Tsarnaev brothers) taking cover behind an SUV and engaging in gunfire. After witnessing shots being fired I promptly ran up the stairs to my 3rd floor bedroom to distance myself a little further away from the gunfire. As I ran into my room, overwhelmed by shock, adrenaline, and curiosity, I jumped onto my bed to stay below the windows but also have a clear view at the shooters and photograph the event. As soon as I was laying safely on my bed I started taking pictures with my iPhone 5 and captured the following images that documented the terrifying shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers, which then led to an overnight citywide manhunt.”

After the shooting stopped, Kitzenberg noted that the action had come a little too close to home. "After shooting had stopped my roommate found a bullet hole that penetrated his west-facing wall and continued to pierce through his desk chair. His room is on the 2nd floor corner of the house, closest to the street, with west and south facing walls."