Woman blames distracted driving on boyfriend's ghost

Justin Hyde
Woman blames distracted driving on boyfriend's ghost

I want to believe — that this story from KOVR-TV in Sacramento, Calif., about a woman who claims the ghost of her dead boyfriend haunted her pickup to the point of nearly getting into accidents — is somehow the work of a comic mastermind, who just won his merit badge in pranking a local newscast. Because that makes more logical sense than the idea that we now must worry about drivers distracted from the road becuase their pickups are open portals to the spirit realm.

According to one Deanna Stinson, following the untimely death of her boyfriend, she began to get an extreme case of the creeps while driving her 2002 GMC Jimmy, complaining that his ghost would get handsy while she drove. “My concentration would be lost a lot of the times,” she told KOVR, “but I would just pray, and then it would stop.”

Stinson claimed the spooking put her in so much discomfort she sold the truck (lucky for her, Carfax doesn't have a check box for "haunted"). Kudos to the TV station for not just taking Stinson's word for it, but attempting to verify Stinson's story — by calling in paranormal investigator Paul Dale Roberts, who conducts the kind of thorough investigation that's made ghost-hunting reality shows a cable TV staple.

The moral? It's better you stop driving because a ghost's distracting you than become one yourself.