100th Grey Cup: Best and worst halftime show moments

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At the 100th Grey Cup on Nov. 25 in Toronto, football fans had mixed reactions to the game's halftime show performance that included Canadian artists Gordon Lightfoot, Marianas Trench, Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber.

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Check out the highs and lows.

MISS: Having Gordon Lightfoot open the show and then casting him aside
When you have a Canadian icon like Gordon Lightfoot performing at the 100th Grey Cup, the least you could do is give him more than one song to perform. The 74-year-old singer revived his 1967 tune "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" for this year's halftime spectacle and started the show off on a somewhat subdued note.

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What we'd like to see next time: Opening the halftime show with an up tempo track might have made it more engaging from the start, but we have to give props to Lightfoot for rocking out at 74 and waxing nostalgic about the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, trying to make it work.

HIT: Marianas Trench performing "Stutter"
From lead singer Josh Ramsay's new hairdo to drummer Ian Casselman's continuous smile throughout the performance, it seemed like Vancouver based pop/rock band Marianas Trench were genuinely excited to be at the Grey Cup. The band performed their new song "Stutter" and thwarted any lip singing rumours on Twitter, writing, "Damn right no lip syncing! What is that anyway?" after their set.

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What we'd like to see next time: Although it was nice to hear a new track from MT, we wish that they had split the performance and added in a favourite like "Haven't Had Enough" or "Cross My Heart" that might have been more familiar for the audience.

MISS: Carly Rae Jepsen's mishap during "Call Me Maybe"
It was obvious that Jepsen was performing with a backing track during "Call Me Maybe," but this was highlighted even further when she moved the microphone away from her face to encourage the audience's participation during "Call Me Maybe." This event ignited Twitter with lip-synching complaints like, "Looks like Carly Rae Jepsen blew the lip synching spot by throwing it to the crowd."

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What we'd like to see next time: A little more Jepsen and a little less backing track. She came in third on "Canadian Idol," we don't think that she needed the extra help.

HIT: The Justin Bieber extravaganza
A dramatic entrance, a massive dance troupe, fireworks and new songs "Boyfriend" and "Beauty and a Beat" were a great way to close the Grey Cup halftime show that was filled with the 18-year-old singer's love for Canada. "I feel honoured to be here at the Grey Cup in Canada," he said between songs. Ending the show with, "Thank you so much, Canada."

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What we'd like to see next time: In the same class as what we'd like to see with Jepsen, next time around they should turn Bieber's microphone up and lower the backing track. After all, we know that he can sing based on his YouTube performances and how he was discovered singing live.

MISS: Bieber and Jepsen getting booed before they even performed
Prior to the halftime show, pictures advertising the mid-game event were shown on the Rogers Centre stadium's big screen only to be met with a negative audience response that included booing. When Bieber did take the stage, he asked between performances for Canada to make some noise and what he got was a mixed reaction between cheering and the continued displeasure.

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What we'd like to see next time: After the halftime show, Bieber tweeted, "Never walk away from a challenge," and "Back to positive things..." Maybe what could have given the 18-year-old singer some more sway with the crowd would have been bringing Lightfoot on stage to jam during a number, book ending the halftime show. It goes without saying that the 74-year-old folk singer has some serious swag.

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