’90210′ star Shenae Grimes prefers Toronto to L.A.

She may live in the most famous zip code on television, but Shenae Grimes doesn't buy that it's the best.

Like fellow Canadian Rachel McAdams, Grimes still prefers her hometown of Toronto to the glitz of Los Angeles.

"I don't like L.A.," the "90210" star told the Huffington Post this week. "I've always said that, and people hate on me for it."

Though Grimes admits that the weather is "amazing" in Beverly Hills, she doesn't think that defines a city. Instead, the "Degrassi" alum believes that the people are what make a town great.

"I love the people in Toronto, that's my favorite part," she said. "The East Coast has that kind of no-B.S. vibe that I really appreciate."

She also appreciates the fact that people are more "interactive" up north.

"In L.A., everyone is in their car all the time so you're used to not interacting with people for the majority of the day, and it kind of trickles into nightlife and all that," she explained. "People stay within their circles, and there's no real mingling to be had."

Grimes added that in Toronto, "it's much easier to just meet strangers."

Though we love that the actress is giving props to her old 'hood, we have a feeling that a lot of the so-called "strangers" she's talking about are actually secret fans.

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