Alison Pill apologizes for tweeting topless photo

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"Newsroom" star Alison Pill gave real newsrooms some gossip fodder yesterday.

The 26-year-old Canadian actress, who fittingly plays a bumbling associate producer in the HBO series, inadvertently tweeted a topless photo of herself (in which she lay on her back with a pair of glasses on and not much else) that she had intended to delete. And instead of denying it, she simply took Kristen Stewart's route and said she was sorry for the misstep.

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"Yep. That picture happened. Ugh," she tweeted after deleting the message. "My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet... Apologies."

Her fiance, fellow Canadian actor Jay Baruchel, laughed off the error.

"My fiancee is an hilarious dork. #imustgladitdidnthappentomefirst," he wrote after retweeting her apology, adding, "Smartphones will get ya. CC @msalisonpill #vivaludditism."

In July, Stewart, instead of talking her way out of it, officially apologized after being photographed making out with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders.

It's nice to see the next generation of stars owning up to their mistakes, even though, in Pill's case anyway, half her fans probably don't see where she went wrong.

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