Avril Lavigne poses nude for new single ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’

Carly Maga
North Stars

Avril Lavigne was just a tiny little Sk8er Grrl when she broke out of Napanee, Ont. with her debut album “Let Go” in 2002. Now, Chad Kroeger's fiancée is 28, but if her new single is any indication, the singer doesn't plan on maturing any time soon. Titled “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” the single’s cover depicts Lavigne as nude as the day she was born. This time, however, Lavigne's body is strategically covered by a well-placed teddy bear.)

“Avril is back” was already a trending topic this weekend, but the big photo reveal also caused a storm on the Internet.

“Avril Lavigne is naked. Avril Lavigne is naked in her new single cover. Help me God, I'm dying,” posted @luizampinto to Twitter.

“Themes in the new Avril Lavigne single: Maturity; developmental arrest; temporal space; the irretrievability of the past; whoaaa-oohh-oohhhh,” wrote @SamLansky.

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Blogs have seized the opportunity to have some fun with wordplay, titling posts with headlines like “AVRIL LAVIGNE'S BEAR ESSENTIALS.” Others are taking it as a chance to throw Avril some shade: “…Mostly no one cares anymore if Avril Lavigne releases new music. Especially if the new music is represented by the art for her new single, ‘Here's to Never Growing Up,’” wrote Emily Trainham for TooFab.com.

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Whether or not Lavigne's music has matured is something we won’t find out until April 9, when the single debuts on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. But she did offer her followers a sneak peek at the lyrics: “'I got a bottle of whatever, but it's getting us drunk. Singing, here’s to never growing up,'” she wrote on Twitter.