Is this the beginning of the end? Justin Bieber tickets sales struggle in Australia

North Stars

Have Justin Bieber's bad days finally caught up with him? It appears so — in Australia, anyway.

Weeks before he is set to take his tour Down Under, the 19-year-old "Bad Day" singer is no longer a hot commodity. According to, tickets to Bieber's eight Aussie shows are now going for almost half their original price, and fans still aren't buying.

The head of Asia Pacific at viagogo, the largest online ticket reseller in the world, said Bieber's tickets are being resold in Australia 187 per cent more than tickets for One Direction's tour at the same point last month.

"With their squeaky clean image, One Direction is popular with fans and their parents alike," Alex Levenson told "Bieber, on the other hand, is doing a very good impression of an 'enfant terrible,' which seems to be putting off his fans and driving their parents to resell tickets."

Levenson said Bieber's ticket prices dropped an average 23 per cent after news of his strip club visit broke last month, then plummeted 18 per cent more after the video of him sleeping emerged. And the Ontario native is continuing to make mistakes, having become mired in controversy over his "racist" graffiti and, more recently, saying he met the president of Mexico when he hadn't.

On his first Australian tour in 2011, Bieber's shows sold out within minutes of sale. Now, less than a week before he arrives in Australia, his tickets are reportedly being resold, on average, at a price 41 per cent under his last tour.

What a difference two years can make, huh?