Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan brings ‘Ra.One’ to Toronto

North Stars

Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood's hottest leading man, crossed the pond to attend the Toronto premiere of his new film, "Ra.One," at the TIFF Bell Light Box on Wednesday.

Hundreds of fans waited patiently for Khan (or King Khan, as he is nicknamed), who arrived an hour late. When he finally did show up, though, Khan gladly signed autographs and posed for photos as he walked the red carpet in a black suit and tie.

"It's a different kind of film. We've not done these kinds of films in India," Khan told CBC News. "I hope people comprehend and appreciate the newness of it all."

Billed as Bollywood's most expensive production to date, "Ra.One" is a 3D action film about a video game villain who enters the real world, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. The flick is a bit of a departure from traditional Indian films, but "Ra.One" still includes lots of Bollywood-style music.

Khan told CityNews that he was thrilled to debut the film in Toronto. "I felt so much love last time and I'd like the film to be seen here by everyone, and I think it's an important film for all of us back home," he said. "I was here [in June] for IIFA [International Indian Film Academy] and there's so many people in Toronto who like our films, who like me. It's nice to be in Toronto."