Brace yourselves: Justin Bieber has changed his hair again

North Stars

For most people, a slight change in hairstyle is no cause for concern. When it comes to Justin Bieber, however, things are a little bit different -- after all, clippings of his hair have sold for more than $40,000 on eBay. So, when news breaks that the Biebz has once against changed his 'do, the world takes notice.

Bieber debuted his new style during a commercial shoot in Los Angeles last weekend, and it appears that he's going for a "business on the sides, party on top" look with a sky-high faux hawk. Unsurprisingly, the majority of Beliebers appear to support their idol's new look.

Tweeted one fan: "I swear,any haircut looks hot on Justin.I absolutely ADORE the Bieber hair-flip,the shorter hair and now his new spiky do. :)"

Added another: "Did Justin Bieber get Joe jonas's haircut ? His hair from right and left looks shorter than the middle. ITS MORE AWESOME ON JUSTIN!"

But not everyone was so supportive.

"justin bieber really did look better with his long hair. the short cut doesn't suit him," wrote Twitter user fallenforjyrus.

Gossip news site 3am wasn't a fan of the faux hawk, either.

"We don't mean to cause alarm but we're pretty sure this means that the world is ending: Justin Bieber has changed his hair," the site posted. "Yep, his trademark perfectly-conditioned floppy fringe, copied by millions of boys and girls across the world since the year of our lord 2009, is SO OVER."

The 17-year-old slicked down the 'do a little last night for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." The pop star visited the late-night talk show to promote his new Christmas album, "Under the Mistletoe," and to discuss his favourite Christmas spent in Canada.

"I remember getting my first two-wheeler bike," said Bieber. "As soon as I came downstairs, I was like, 'Oh my goodness, I have to go ride this!' But ... it was winter, so there was a bunch of snow and ice. So I went to try to ride it, wasn't really working out, so I had to watch the bike until the snow went away-- and that was torture."

Now Bieber is riding bigger and faster things, including his very own Batmobile, which is all black. "If I'm running from the police, I can put, like, a black sheet over my license plate, so they can't really [catch me]," Bieber said jokingly -- or, at least, we hope he was joking.

Bieber also told Leno that he failed the written test for his driver's license the first time because he didn't know vehicles must come to a complete stop before turning right at a red light.

"So I failed it and it was raining outside," said the singer. "Because I was planning on driving home and everything, I ended up not going in the car, and I was just yelling at traffic in the rain. So it's raining down on me, I'm like, 'WHY?! WHY DO YOU HAVE YOUR LICENSE AND I CAN'T DRIVE?!'"

And now that same boy roams the streets in a custom-built Cadillac. Look out, pedestrians!