Carly Rae Jepsen is the new Candie’s girl

Carly Maga
North Stars

Carly Rae Jepsen burst onto the music scene this summer with the sugar pop hit "Call Me Maybe," a song so sweet that she's probably keeping dentists across Canada in business. So, it makes sense that the Mission, B.C.-born singer and songwriter is the new spokesperson for Candie's, the fashion line of clothing, shoes, and accessories for young girls.

"Our 2013 Candie's Girl: @carlyraejepsen! :)" the Candie's Twitter account tweeted Tuesday night, along with a of Jepsen showing off several different outfits, including a pink dress with a heart cutout in the back. The Candie's website is also now plastered with Jepsen's face, as she sports dresses, hats, heels, and shorts -- the results of a photoshoot she shot herself.

Former 2012 Candie's girl Lea Michele wished Jepsen luck as the "Glee" songstress passed the shiny, pink torch to the 27-year-old "Kiss" singer.

"It has been so amazing being part of the Candie's family. Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart. And it is time now to pass on the torch to the fabulous Carly Rae Jepsen," Michele said in a video posted online on Tuesday. "So Carly, good luck, and make me proud."

Jepson now joins past Michele, Britney Spears, Fergie, Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere, Lil' Kim, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson, Jenny McCarthy and more as one of the many faces of the junior's clothing and accessory brand.

Jepsen may be years older and wiser than the Candie's target market, but fortunately, she doesn't look it. Jepsen famously fooled fans into thinking she was much younger than her 27 years when she first hit the scene (and that's just fine with her). Surprisingly, she's not the oldest girl to ever represent Candie's -- both Fergie and Jenny McCarthy were over 30 when they were chosen as the face of the brand.

On Twitter, Jepsen revealed she is "SO Excited" to be the new Candie's girl, but not all of the company's ad campaigns have been so sweet. Past campaigns have been criticized for being too sexually-explicit and for reinforcing detrimental female gender roles, like this photo shoot with Vanessa Hudgens. And fan reactions to Jenny McCarthy's poses on a toilet in 2007 as well as the accompanying TV ads weren't so favourable. Candie's and Bristol Palin created a controversial PSA in support of teen pregnancy prevention in 2010, and that same year, Britney Spears made a bold move by sharing a few of her Candie's ads pre- and post-Photoshop.

We can't see any potential controversies surrounding Jepsen's Candie's ad campaign just yet, but she sure has our "Curiosity" now.