Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel: ‘No,’ I am not a Nickelback fan

North Stars

The hatred for Nickelback has become political.

Though it's well known that Canadians consider the Alberta rock band a bit of an embarrassment, the anti-fandom has crossed the border and this week entered the political arena when Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel was forced to deny he was a fan.

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According to Maclean's, Emanuel issued the denial after a member of the city's teachers strike, math instructor Mike Konkoleski, held up a sign that read, "Rahm Emanuel likes Nickelback."

A reporter for Chicago's "The Hill" newspaper first tweeted an image of the sign on Monday with the tongue-in-cheek comment, "Civility has disappeared in Chicago Teachers Union protests."

Asked by RedEye Chicago if he was in fact a fan of the "Bottoms Up" singers, Emanuel's spokeswoman wrote a one-word email response, "No."

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The strike is in its fifth day today and Konkoleski has since replaced his Nickelback sign with one that reads, "Rahm Emanuel likes Creed." Perhaps that is the reason Chad Kroeger was so smiley when he was photographed out and about yesterday for the first time with his new fiancée Avril Lavigne. The duo was snapped strolling through Paris hand- in-hand and shopping in a wine and cheese store.

"Chavril" surprised fans last month by getting engaged, despite the fact that many didn't even know they were an item.