Deadmau5 is dating Kat Von D

Carly Maga
North Stars

You could say they're wearing their hearts on their sleeves, if only their sleeves weren't already covered in tattoos. Nevertheless, it's pretty clear that Joel Zimmerman, aka Canadian electronic artist Deadmau5, is happily dating tattoo artist and reality TV star Kat Von D.

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Nothing says "I'm in love" like a Facebook photo album full of pictures of cats playing with a dark-haired, red-lipped siren, right? Well, that's exactly what Deadmau5 uploaded to his fan page on Monday, titled "a day with the kats :D." As if his tweets over the weekend weren't enough to fuel speculation over the new couple.

"Yeah, im love... inb4 I find a f*ck to give over the Internet implodes over it ;) at least I'm happy! Lol" he wrote on Sunday, after tweeting another picture of the two hanging out in sunglasses.

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It's unclear as to how the 31-year-old Niagara Falls native met the 30-year-old star of "LA Ink," but they seemed like a great match while strolling through West Hollywood this week, hand in hand.

But Deadmau5 isn't the first body art-adorned beau in Kat Von D's life, and he's not even the first to go by a nickname. Kat was married to fellow tattoo artist Oliver Peck from 2003 to 2007, and also dated Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. Most famously, Von D was engaged to "West Coast Choppers" leading man and Sandra Bullock's ex, Jesse James, twice before they broke up for good last year.

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But rather than the hard-rocking romances of her past, the photos of Kat Von D and Deadmau5 are just plain adorable. His cat's name is Meowingtons, for crying out loud.