Carly Rae Jepsen reveals who inspired ‘Call Me Maybe’

Carly Maga
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In the video for her international smash hit "Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen falls for the neighbourhood errand boy, only to have him pass his number along to her guitarist. But who was Jepsen really thinking about when she threw her wish in the well? (Hint: it's not her current singer/songwriter boyfriend Matthew Koma.)

In the latest issue of Glamour magazine, Jepsen revealed that her song, which spent nine weeks at the top of the Billboard 100 list, is about her ex-boyfriend, architecture student Jordi Ashworth. Of course, Ashworth wasn't Jepsen's ex when she wrote the song. In the interview, the 26-year-old singer revealed how she and her "Call Me Maybe" muse first met.

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"I was nominated for songwriter of the year in Canada, at the Juno Awards, and I went with my father so he could help me walk down the red carpet in my four-and-a-half-inch heels," Jepsen said. "At the last second he got stage fright. So my producer offered up his friend Jordi Ashworth to be my arm support while I walked in these crazy shoes."

Unfortunately, the song inspired by their romance ultimately led to its demise: Jepsen split up with Ashworth when her schedule became too crazy with her music career.

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With the Glamour issue now in newsstands, we doubt that Jepsen and now-boyfriend Koma are curling up with a copy and reminiscing about how an old flame led to her career success and their paths crossing. Not that the B.C. native has much free time nowadays -- her album "Kiss" comes out Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Jepsen sure has come a long way from her humble beginnings as a Top 3 finalist on "Canadian Idol" in 2007. We understand that not all romances can survive the whirlwind success of a hit summer song like "Call Me Maybe," but we hope Carly Rae Jepsen doesn't become too busy to forget her Canadian roots!