Drake’s best moments from ‘Saturday Night Live’

Drake owned it on Saturday when he hosted "Saturday Night Live"'s first show of 2014. The Canadian "Own It" rapper harked back to his "Degrassi" days with some impressive acting chops which he used to impersonate the likes of Jay Z. He also performed "Started From the Bottom" and "From Time," with Jhene Aiko on the show. Here are the best moments of the night:

Piers Morgan Cold Open
A spoof of Piers Morgan's interview show had Drizzy in the role of New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, who is wrapped up in a legal battle regarding alleged past performance enhancing drug use. Drake pulled off a much-lauded impression of the baseball star in which he mocked Rodriguez's litigious behaviour by claiming he was suing dictionary, iPhone and steroids "for being inside of me." The sketch is also worth watching just to see cast member Kate McKinnon play Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, who attempts to explain his recent egg throwing controversy.

Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Monologue
Harking back to Drake's baby Bar Mitzvah footage that came out two years ago (it appeared in his "HYFR" music video), the 27-year-old Toronto native revisited the Jewish rite of passage in this sketch. After introducing newest "SNL" cast member Sasheer Zamata as his aunt, he explained that having a Jewish mother and a black father made for a "very interesting Bar Mitzvah experience." In a flashback he performed a rap with lines like, "I celebrate Hannukah, date a Rihanna-ka."

Before They Were Stars
As the host of the beloved franchise, Kenan Thompson’s Sway Calloway introduced a number of little known fake facts about famous stars' early careers. Before Jaleel White played Urkel on "Family Matters," for instance, he announced that Lil' Wayne had the role. Enter Drake as Lil' Wayne with long dreadlocks and Urkel's trademark suspenders and glasses. He asks for cheese and then shoots up the place before issuing the famous line, "Did I do that?" in a super creepy tenor. Sway also introduces a scene of Jay Z as a guest on "Mr. Wizard." As Young Hov, Drake laughs randomly as he blows up a volcano. Also worth watching is Eminem (played by Taran Killam) on "Felicity" and Rihanna (Sasheer) on the Barbadian "Blossom," "B'Lossom."

But perhaps the best moment of Drake's entire "SNL" experience was not a skit at all. It happened during the end credits when all the cast members famously hug on stage at the end of the show. A gif of the fateful moment shows Drizzy go in for a hug with Jhené Aiko, who performed with him on stage, but just misses out as she turns around to hug someone else. Don't worry, though, it all worked out, he ended up getting a three-way hug instead. And no one can say he didn't deserve it after doing such a great hosting job.