Drake defends his Cosby sweaters

North Stars

Music and fashion are two industries that seem to complement each other. Madonna's cone bra, Lady Gaga's meat dress, and Elton John's funky sunglasses are all part of pop culture history. And when it comes to the style of Canadian rapper Drake, he seems to be making his mark with sweaters.

Whether in music videos (like "Headlines") or on the red carpet, the young rapper is often rocking — for lack of a better description — a Bill Cosby sweater. It seems his closet is stuffed with the cozy, patterned pieces that dominated the '90s, and, in a recent interview with GQ magazine, Drake defended his style choice.

"I don't give a f*** what anybody says about my Missoni sweaters!" said the Canuck star. "F*** you if you don't like my sweater!"

Asked whether he has a favourite piece, Drake said, "It's a toss-up between three sweaters. I'd say one would be, obviously, the OVO owl sweater— I can wear it repetitively and no one calls me out on it. I have a cashmere Hermes sweater that I love. Lastly, any of my Missoni sweaters."

Drake believes the only reason his sweaters garner attention is because there's very little else to ask him about. "It's funny, because people only talk about me and sweaters because I don't give them anything else to talk about," he said.

"I live in Canada, so any dirt I do, you'll never see because we don't have the paparazzi up there. It's the stupidest thing, man, but I'll embrace it."