Drake and Shane Kippel have ‘Degrassi’ reunion

North Stars

He may be a huge star, but Drake doesn't forget his roots. The Canadian "Make Me Proud" singer reunited with an old "Degrassi" pal earlier this week.

You may remember Shane Kippel as Spinner on the hit Canadian series. Kippel has the distinction of being the first person to rap alongside Drake (or, rather, alongside the rapper's "Degrassi" alter ego, Jimmy Brooks).

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In the third season of "Degrassi: The Next Generation," Spinner and Jimmy showed off their skills (or lack thereof) to prove they could win Battle of the Bands. The results were ... not great. Thankfully, Drake has improved since then.

Kippel, who now has his own band, partied with his fellow Torontonian at the Guvernment on Saturday, where they watched a hip-hop battle between various rap artists, such as Dizaster vs. Arcane and Pat Stay vs. Math Hoffa. The 26-year-old actor then posted a photo on Twitter of the duo posing together.

"Reunited at last. Good seeing you brother!" Kippel tweeted.

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Wonder what he thought of the new A-list Drake? Last year, "Degrassi" co-star Shenae Grimes claimed the 26-year-old rapper was "not the Aubrey I knew" on set.

"He's been rapping and whatever for years, but none of us really expected it to blow up like it did," she previously told Movieline, in 2009. "We didn't really know if he walked the walk because he didn't really share that side of his life with us. It was Aubrey Graham of 'Degrassi,' and then that Drake world was a different world for him."

Talk about worlds colliding.