Drake turns down $5 million for Chris Brown boxing match


In the elementary school playground that is Hollywood celebritydom, the dust-up between Drake and Chris Brown still has the rumour mill working overtime. The latest rumour: Drake is reportedly too chicken to fight Chris Brown again, even for $5 million. Bawk bawk bawk!

At least, that's what this playground's bully, boxing promoter Damon Feldman, thinks. He and entrepreneur Alki David approached the 25-year-old "Take Care" rapper after the altercation that injured several club-goers and shut down the W.i.P. nightclub in New York this past June, offering him $5 million to go back into the ring with Brown for three rounds, and in front of several TV cameras.

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Brown, who received the same offer, was apparently game for another chance to duke it out with Drake, prompting this premature tweet from Feldman. Then came a crushing blow from Drake's camp however, who said that he wasn't interested.

"He said he doesn't want to go that route. So basically he punked out. There will be no fight now," Feldman said, adding that the proceeds of the fight would go to charity. "The boxing match would have settled the grudge and helped charities. I'm pissed because Chris Brown wanted this and everything was set!"

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However, Brown's rep said that no official offer was made, and if it was, they would have turned it down too.

If Feldman really wants to get back into Drake and Brown's good books, we suggest they all settle their differences through a good, old-fashioned game of Red Rover. Now that's something we'd tune into.

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