Elisha Cuthbert’s ‘Conan’ interview has her vomiting, slurping, and dancing her way into O’Brien’s heart

Elisha Cuthbert may have learned a lot about science when she starred on "Popular Mechanics for Kids," but these days, it's the mechanics of her digestive system that she seems to be focusing on.

Appearing on "Conan" Tuesday night, the sultry "Happy Endings" star put in a very unsexy performance while imitating messy eaters and, uh, "clean vomiters."

The 29-year-old Canadian actress, who splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, started off with a story about how she distracts herself from her fear of flying by looking at "awkward" people.

"I was sitting next to a woman who was actually eating pudding without a spoon and refused to have a spoon and was slurping it out of the cup," Cuthbert said, before imitating the slurping sound, not once, but thrice -- with two of those times done "erotically" for O'Brien's benefit.

Though she claimed she "wasn't getting grossed out by it" (yeah, right), Cuthbert did manage to gross the audience soon after with her tales of regurgitation.

Cuthbert, who dates T0ronto Maple Leafs defenceman Dion Phaneuf, revealed to O'Brien that her boyfriend was recently hit in the face by a puck. Though doctors told her not to "freak him out," Cuthbert nearly lost her lunch over the incident.

"I screamed because he had a big bag of ice and blood coming out of his mouth," she explained. Cuthbert claimed she told Phaneuf he looked "great" and then mimed the heaving response she really had, which O'Brien referred to as a "duck call."

But she isn't the only one in her family who has perfected the "duck call." Cuthbert also regaled the audience with an anecdote about her mother throwing up after her first attempt at hot yoga.

"Elisha, you would be very proud of me, I'm very talented," Cuthbert's mother told her. "I can throw up and drive at the same time."

As if that weren't enough, Cuthbert then reenacted the scene for about a minute, as CoCo stared at the audience.

But it wasn't all about regurgitation. Cuthbert also revealed her talent for imitation, which sometimes makes it on to her ABC show. She performed her best impressions of Renee Zellweger (which basically just involved squinting her eyes) and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Luckily, Cuthbert appears to have perfected her DeGeneres dance. Maybe she should stick to showing off that skill, and leave her pretend-vomiting for the privacy of her own home.

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