Emily VanCamp laments 2007 red carpet appearance

Soraya Roberts
North Stars

It's never fun to remember our unfortunate fashion choices of the past -- but imagine having those outfits recorded for posterity.

Emily VanCamp was by no means a Hollywood newbie when she attended the premiere of the Seth Rogen comedy "Knocked Up" in 2007. The young actress had already cut her teeth on the popular WB series "Everwood" and was playing a regular character on the then-new ABC show "Brothers & Sisters," which may be why the outfit she chose for Rogen's red carpet still haunts her.

"I didn't wear any makeup. I had on boots with holes, and I was wearing a vest," VanCamp, now 26, told Lucky magazine. "I somehow ended up on the red carpet, and I honestly didn't put together that some of the pictures being snapped were of me."

The Port Perry, Ont., native said she "felt so silly" following the fashion debacle but that she learned from her mistake.

"I was like, Maybe next time I'll put on some blush and some mascara and at least wear the boots without the holes," she said.

In fact, VanCamp has gone a lot further than that over the past year. The former ballerina has hit the big time as Emily Thorne, the scheming protagonist of the popular ABC soap "Revenge," and can now afford a personal stylist. Petra Flannery, who has also worked with Emma Stone and Mila Kunis, has even reintegrated vests into the star's wardrobe.

"I routinely add a leather jacket to any outfit, and this vest is a nice new twist on that," VanCamp said of one vest she wore during her Lucky shoot.

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