Even Bradley Cooper thinks Ryan Gosling should have been named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

When People magazine named Bradley Cooper this year's "Sexiest Man Alive," many were miffed that Canadian cutie Ryan Gosling didn't make top honours. George Clooney thought Gosling would win, Gosling fans protested outside People magazine when he didn't win, and even we wrote that the "Drive" star deserved the title. So what is poor Cooper -- who's never claimed to be sexier than Gosling -- to do? It seems the star of "The Hangover" decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and he's joined the rest of the civilized world in hopping on the Team Gosling bandwagon.

Visiting the U.K.'s "The Graham Norton Show" on Dec. 2, Cooper admitted to having browsed paparazzi pictures, comparing himself with Gosling. "There was such a backlash to when they announced it and Ryan Gosling, who I love and I just did a movie with him - he's the greatest - but we were both in Paris this last week and a friend of mine showed me … photographs from the paparazzi - and when I say friend, I mean me, alone in my room, looking at the computer," said Cooper. "And it's pictures of him walking around and he literally looks like he's in a photo shoot, like he just came off the runway. There's ones of me, and I literally look like the neighbour who never really comes out of his house, and when he does, you're, like, 'Maybe you should just stay in.'"

Aww, poor Bradley. It's hard not to feel a little sympathy for the guy, who never asked for the title or attention in the first place. And it can't be easy for any guy to be compared with Gosling, who is currently enjoying his reign as the Prom King of Hollywood. We're beginning to think Cooper may just win us over, thanks to his self-deprecating humour. And, hey, it's hard to hate on anyone who has such a deep appreciation for The Gos.

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