Flashback Friday: Drake’s embarrassing rap on ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’

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Drake might be a big time rapper now – but his rhymes haven’t always been so slick.

Before he emerged as Drizzy Drake, we knew the 27-year-old simply as Aubrey Graham, who played Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian series “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

In season 3 of “Degrassi,” – five years before Drake’s first EP “So Far Gone” hit store shelves in 2009, Jimmy and his pal Spinner (Shane Kippel) lay down some beats to prove that they can beat out their friend Craig’s ex girlfriend in Battle of the Bands. The results are…questionable. Watch the embarrassing video below:

Drake’s sure sounds a lot different now (thankfully!) Who would have thought that the guy who rapped about a girl shutting up and making lunch would become a superstar who now has a Grammy, four Junos and 10 BET Awards?

Meanwhile, Drake may have “started from the bottom,” but he certainly hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He celebrated his 27th birthday on Thursday, Oct. 25 with a performance in Toronto.

“Toronto, I want to thank you for giving me the best birthday I've ever had in my ... life, I swear," he said during the show. "I want to let you know, every day I'm not pounding this pavement, I'm only looking to get bigger and only looking to get better for the sake of my city. So if you're proud of me from this city, make some noise.”

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