Forget the voice! Michael Bublé has plenty of other talents

He may have won three Grammy awards and multiple Junos, but Michael Bublé is more than just a crooner. This month, the Burnaby-born singer will be giving his vocal cords a rest to appear as a guest co-host on "Live! With Kelly" and to drop in on fellow Canuck Russell Peters's Christmas special. Not only that, but ahead of his own upcoming Christmas special, Bublé has been exercising his acting chops in a digital spot with Ed Helms. With a picture book/memoir called "Onstage Offstage" recently released, Bublé appears to have turned into a Renaissance man. But a look back at his past reveals this is nothing new.

Before he released six studio albums (including the recent, aptly titled holiday release "Christmas") and sold more than 30 million of them worldwide, Bublé wanted to become a professional hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks. If he had been a little better at the game, he told the Ottawa Sun, he "wouldn't be singing right no." Of course, Bublé hasn't left the sport behind entirely -- in 2008, he became co-owner of the Vancouver Giants.

Or maybe he would have been an actor. At the age of 21, he had already appeared in two episodes of "The X-Files" (as a submarine sailor) and in a show called "Death Game." Four years later, he graduated to the big screen, appearing as a karaoke singer opposite a pre-"Glee" Gwyneth Paltrow in "Duets." A year later, he also acted in a little-known comedy, "Totally Blonde," as a club owner. He moved on to the Barry Pepper vehicle "The Snow Walker" in 2003, the same year he dipped back into TV as a lounge performer on the soap "Days of Our Lives."

But four years after making his acting debut, Bublé tried to pursue a career in journalism. It wasn't until his breakthrough performance at former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's daughter's wedding in 2000 that he shelved the idea. Having honed his TV skills as a frequent guest on Vicki Gabereau's CTV talk show in the late '90s, however, Bublé has since returned to television in various capacities. Besides his upcoming gigs on "Live! With Kelly" and Russell Peters's special, he was a celebrity mentor on "The X Factor" in 2009 and last year appeared on "The Colbert Report."

So, if this music thing doesn't work out, Bublé not only has a Plan B, but a Plan C, D, E, F -- all the way to Plan Z.

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