Gabriel Aubry reveals bruised face, files for restraining order against Olivier Martinez

Carly Maga
North Stars

Most people in the United States are back to the regular daily grind after a nice holiday weekend, but Gabriel Aubry will be feeling the effects of a U.S. Thanksgiving Day brawl with Olivier Martinez at the home of Aubry's ex and Martinez's fiancée, Halle Berry, for quite a while.

A police report that Aubry filed to the LAPD after the fight included graphic photos of his  badly bruised face. The Montreal-born model is barely recognizable with a deep cut on his left cheekbone stitched shut, and his right eye swollen shut. Photos also show cuts on his nose and forehead, and a disjointed finger on his right hand.

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More photos of Aubry in recovery recently surfaced, showing him getting into a friend's car with the cut under his left eye a deep purple and clearly visible from far away. Aubry is seen with unkempt hair, no shoes, and dressed in a comfortable grey t-shirt and shorts -- apparently, he has been taking it easy while he recovers from the altercation that happened and Berry and Martinez's Hollywood home.

Of course, there are conflicting stories to how the fight really began. Berry and Martinez claim that Aubry threw the first punch when told that he should "move on" and let Berry, Martinez, and four-year-old Nahla move to France. Martinez also hurt his neck and hand, and Berry filed a protective restraining order on Aubry after he was released on bail for $20,000.

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Berry, 46, dated Aubry, 37, for less than five years between 2006 and 2010, giving birth to Nahla in 2008. After the split, the exes agreed on joint custody of their daughter. Later that year, Berry began dating Martinez, 46, and became engaged to him in 2012. Earlier this month, a judge denied their application for sole custody of Nahla and their request to move her to France, which eventually lead to the Thanksgiving Day fisticuffs in the love triangle.

We hope their family problems will clear up by the time Aubry's injuries do.