The Gemini Awards: What you may have missed


It was all glitz and glam at the 26th Annual Gemini Awards on Wednesday night. But if you had your eyes glued to the TV, you may have missed a few backstage shenanigans. After all, Tom Green was there. Here are six things you probably missed from the Geminis.

The best way to get a ticket is to be related to a celeb
It was a family party, as celebs brought along their family members as their plus-ones. Nicole Appleton, Hamilton, Ont.-born, U.K.-based singer of the now-defunct group All Saints, brought along her son Gene to the show. The two looked like they had a blast as they acted silly. Appleton is in Canada prepping for her hosting duties on the new CBC show Cover Me Canada", along with New Kid Jordan Knight and crooner Debrah Cox.

George Stroumboulopoulos got all Zoolander for this photo with his sister. The two were just about to hit the red carpet and head into the Tom Green Room. Stroumboulopoulos was nominated for hosting his show.

"The Borgias" and "Rick Mercer" win big

There was a last-minute cancellation
You may remember Alan Thicke as the goofy but sincere dad on the '80s sitcom "Growing Pains." The Kirkland, Ont.-bred actor is also the father of Grammy Award-winning R&B singer and songwriter Robin Thicke. (Now you know where he got his great hair.) Well, Alan Thicke was supposed to be at the award show, but he got sick. Get well soon Mr. Seaver!!

Everyone and everything gets gussied up for the Geminis
You usually expect the celebs to get dressed up for award shows. Often their efforts are a hit, and sometimes it's a miss (Nicki Minaj at the MTV MVAs, anyone?). Well, CBC Live tweeted that the Geminis' signature colours (gold and purple) were used on one of Toronto's biggest names: The CN Tower.

There was a sweet gifting lounge
In addition to the Tom Green Room, Canadian celebrities were enticed into some swag at a gifting lounge.'s Nelia Belkova tweeted that their bags included cute T-shirts from Lucky 7, Sweet Leaf Bath Co. fair-trade lip balms, Yoga Jeans, and some tea from Davids Tea.

Gemini Awards: Find out who won

Russell Peters originally turned down the hosting gig
In a red carpet interview before the show, comedian Russell Peters admits that he said no when the CBC first asked him to host the show. He joked that he didn't know who else turned down the gig because they came back and asked him again to be the host. In his typical button-pushing humour, he blew it all off saying that he was in Toronto anyways so he may as well be the host.

Tom Green trumps all journalists, celebs
As he walked backstage, Tom Green interrupted a press conference and quickly took over questioning Callum Keith Rennie, who won the award for best actor in a drama for his role in "Shattered." Some photographers even started taking photos of Green instead of Rennie! But that's Tom Green for you.

If you missed the show or need a recap, click here for the full list of last night's Gemini winners.

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